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a first & a last

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this weekend was rather epic.  not surprising at all, though, considering it was one of my best friend's 21st birthday on Saturday. Friday's activities began with a gallery crawl through Pittsburgh's cultural district.  cheap food at the culinary institute, amazing photography displays, and all of the wonderful downtown architecture made for a really interesting time.

then I came home, ate, showered, and started an evening that I don't quite remember.  shots are not your friend, even on someone's 21st birthday.  actually, especially not on such a momentous occasion.

luckily, I don't have photographic evidence of that ridiculous night.  there are some videos on my friends camera of me doing some new dance moves that I'm not sure will be included in my regular rotation.

a first: a small gathering at our new apartment, complete with party blowers and baklava.

and honestly, none of each even toughed that handle or box of Franzia.  the previous night was just a little too fresh in all of our minds.

we then took cabs to South Side and proceeded to dance for several hours.  the boys weren't too creepy, we didn't get too tipsy, and we definitely sweated out all of the alcohol that had been in our systems from before.

a last: I have no more weekends in Pittsburgh until classes start.  I was kind of shocked to realize that I'll be away in New York this weekend, and then going home for 16 days after that.  by the time I return, everyone else will have found their way back to campus, ready to party before we start living in the library.

so this weekend was fun but exhausting, and not something that I need to relive any time in the near future.

have you had any big firsts?  lasts? as summer comes to an end there is just so much that still needs to done!