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July 2010 trip to New York

some thoughts:

  • traveling of any kind is absolutely exhausting
  • too much Dunkin' Donuts is not a good substitute for little to no sleep
  • train rides are much more bearable with frozen yogurt
  • no other city compares to New York - people, shopping, food - the magnitude is mind blowing
  • one can better appreciate art when mentally exhausted
  • even Bud Light can taste amazing after hours of walking
  • the New York public library is way better than the Boston one
  • Central Park has enough green to make Vermont seem grey
  • pasta is not pasta unless it is purchased in Little Italy

I didn't make any special trips to any special restaurants, I didn't buy a single thing (other than food and booze), and I didn't have any exciting celebrity sightings....but this trip was filled with wonderful people, fabulous meals, amazing sights, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

have you ever stumbled upon a movie set?  paid too much for a delicious drink?  had a velvet rope pulled aside for you at a club?  what's your favorite New York memory?