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I've been home in Vermont for exactly 1 week.  While it has absolutely flown by, I've done quite a few very memorable activities.

  • brunch at Magnolia's, the first organic/green certified restaurant in Burlington.  it's normally pretty good, but the dish I got was bland.  so avoid the sesame tofu scramble.  they don't put nearly enough asparagus to appease a fiber-lover such as me.
  • shopped the annual Sidewalk Sale on Church St.  maybe it's the fact that I am now used to H&M and Forever 21's price points, but I didn't see anything remotely interesting for a reasonable price.  it's just sad when sales are full of stuff that you would never actually buy, no matter how much the original price is slashed.
  • evened out my stomach tan.  after my weekend in NY, I had developed a rather splotchy tummy as a result of poor sunscreen application.  there were parts of me that had been covered by SPF 70 and parts that were not.  lesson learned.
  • got very, very lost going to and from Parc Jean-Drapeau going to Osheaga.
  • had my mind blown at the Osheaga music festival.
  • ordered sushi in french post-music festival.
  • realized that beer, wine, and liquor are so easy to buy and so freaking CHEAP here in Vermont.  maybe it's just Pennsylvania that is making bank on thirsty college kids.
  • went to a community yoga class that was rather different from the classes I normally go to.  joy breaths?  very vocal breathing?  it was nice and relaxing, at least.
  • had a mini dinner party while watching the Bachelorette finale.  I'm not surprised she chose Roberty - he's so sexy - but I think she and Chris would've had a better, happier life.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she and that delicious piece of man meat won't last too long.
  • thoroughly enjoyed having a grill at my disposal.  dinner has included lots of grilled mushrooms, asparagus, corn, veggie burgers, and anything else I can throw over the coals.
  • enjoyed a very necessary haircut at Pure Salon in Williston.  they are a organic salon, and I was very pleased with the atmosphere, the service, and the way my hair turned out.  I always struggle when I try to find a place around here to go, but I'll probably find my way back there around Thanksgiving.
  • heard plenty of stories from my friend who just returned from Peru over coffees at Starbucks. life lesson: don't get into sketchy cabs in foreign countries!   2 kids from her program were kidnapped and robbed (and then safely returned home).  not something I ever want to experience.
  • got a tattoo! let's just say it's small, on my ribs, and I'm very happy with it.  apparently, getting one on your ribs is one of the most painful places, and while this is the only one I've ever had, I'd probably agree with that statement.  I'm glad it was small and only took about 7 minutes, or else I would have been very uncomfortable.  I'll post a picture when it's all healed.  I don't like looking at them when they're all red and fresh, and I imagine you won't either.
  • had a very successful shopping spree.  J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, AE, and (surprisingly) Charlotte Russe all took a chunk of my hard earned cash.  lots of lace, grey, olive green, and silver.
  • lunch at Boloco! it's a chain that makes small burritos with whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, organic produce, and the option of tofu.  so good.
  • community band concert in the park, followed by very tasty Chinese for my last chewy meal.  my mom has played in some kind of local band for my entire life, and let's just say that some years are better than others.
  • had my wisdom teeth out.  so they tell you that you can't eat anything after midnight before your surgery, but my sister said that the nurse told her that you could eat a small piece of toast.  I'm the kind of person who NEEDS to eat first thing or else I get nauseous, so I ate that tiny piece.  however, the doctor said he still couldn't put me under. at that point, I was hungry, tired, and grumpy, so I was like, whatever, just do it.  so they sedated me, and I solidly passed out.  then I woke up when it was all over without experiencing the drugged out delirium that most people deal with post-removal.  and so far I haven't been too puffy or in too much pain. so really, it all has worked out well (knocks on wood since it's only day #2)
  • slurped down a maple creemee.  Papa Nick's has the best creemees (Vermont soft serve, for those who are clueless) in town and is luckily only 1 mile from my house.  I'm expecting one for every day of my recovery.
  • caught up on my reality TV: Real World, Jersey Shore, The Hills, The City; real TV: Skins, Pretty Little Liars; Netflix: It Might Get Loud (AMAZING GUITAR DOCUMENTARY), Step Brothers (my pain meds made this way funnier than it should've been)
  • eaten more pudding and yogurt than I would've liked.  I am a crunchy food person and would really like some crunchy food.

what have you done recently?