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itty bitty and proud of it

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In yesterday's NYT, there was an article in the style section about how small chested women are not ashamed of lacking a little in a certain department - instead, they are embracing their size and not reaching for the ultra-padded bras and extreme push-ups.

As a girl without a whole lot of boobage myself, I completely agree with this idea.  I love that I can run without my chest hurting, I can wear whatever shirts I want, and I can go through my day wearing ultra-pretty bralettes rather than intense-looking and hardware-laden contraptions.  Especially during the hot, humid, and rather disgusting Pittsburgh summer I have stuck with lacy little things like the American Apparel bralette.  I bought it in 3 colors and would love to get more.  Here's a little more of what I've been coveting to cover me:

(click through images to get more item information)

What's your stance on this issue?  Are you comfortable with your size?  Or are could you stand to go up a cup size or two?