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hitting the books

UncategorizedAnna Keller3 Comments

one bad thing about being a humanities student now rather than engineering is all of the ridiculous reading that must transpire in a given night.  the page count usually tops 100, and it could be on anything from sweet potato farming to Salem witch trial testimonies.  not that I'm really complaining, but it's putting a serious dent in the reading that I like to do: magazines!

for over 10 years now, I've subscribed to a number of paper reads.  I'll never switch to electronic - I just enjoy flipping page after page of beautiful spreads and interesting interviews way too much.

some of my favorites:


Teen Vogue





Ready Made

Real Simple




...and yes, I subscribe to most of them.  however, I figure I save money because I'm not impulsively grabbing stacks of them at the checkout and paying $5+ for just one issue.

what are your monthly reads? and do you still like to buy the printed edition?