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under the weather activity

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Friday morning, I woke up feeling downright awful.  in addition to having a rather awful hangover from my night of cocktail drinking, beer pong playing, and dancing, I had the early signs of a stress-induced cold.  I always get sick as soon as school starts to get intense, and I knew that my luck was running out after having 4 weeks of class and going crazy every weekend.  so last night, I napped for 2 hours, glammed myself up for a short and sweaty White Panda dance party at school, and then came home, made myself some popcorn, and got a solid 9 hours of sleep.

while I woke up all achy, sniffly, and scratchy this morning, I felt much more refreshed than I normally do on a Saturday. so I popped in a movie and did a craft project that I'd been meaning to take care of for a while.  I love stones, and I had picked out this raw amethyst at the Carnegie Natural History Museum (holla employee discount!).  I wrapped it together with some brass rings and gold wire, and voila, one beautiful pendant.  not too shabby for a sick activity on a Saturday morning.

how do you handle a sick day? I hate not being super productive, but I love any excuse to curl up with a movie and a craft.