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no shame

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recently, I've been surprising myself with my behavior.  whether it be participation in marathon dance sessions or speaking my mind in class, I've taken a no holds barred approach to life. in other words, I have no shame.

(sidenote: I just realized that I have no idea where the expression no holds barred expression comes from or what it exactly means.  and then I got worried that I had just made it up and had convinced myself that it was a real thing.  no worries, though - I googled it and got an explanation)

this can best be illustrated through my approach to breakfast.  breakfast really is my favorite meal of the day, and I think it's because I can either have something decadently sweet, hearty and savory, or massive amounts of peanut butter.  really, I'm so hungry when I wake up that the sky is usually the limit.

yesterday, I woke up and inhaled an egg and cheese sandwich.  really, I ate it embarrassingly quickly.  that wasn't enough though - I needed more.  here's where my decadently sweet breakfast comes in.

instant cheesecake pudding, a banana, store brand cocoa puffs, fat-free chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and cool whip

seriously, no shame.

this morning I woke up and wasn't super hungry (I ate a giant bowl of popcorn at 2 am), so I decided to take my time and make something slightly different for breakfast.  now, don't be disgusted by the presentation.

cinnamon, vanilla, and raisin pancakes, drizzled with fake maple syrup, topped with a dollop of cool whip, and an egg

definitely a healthier option, but here's where the potential for shame arrives:

that was supposed to be 3 small pancakes.  I'm just a mess with a ladle.

fake maple syrup - I'm from Vermont!  my mom boils down her own sap!  but I secretly prefer the artificial stuff.

that mess of an egg.  somehow the non-stick pan was not doing its job.

and I usually eat in front of my computer.

no shame no shame no shame no shame.

How do you unabashedly live your life?

No holds barred?

Or a perfectly balanced meal every time?

We don't judge!