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rocks & rice pudding

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it was GORGEOUS outside this past Saturday.  you could just smell fall in the air and there was no way that I was going to hide in my room all day and plug away at work (although this would have been the more responsible decision). instead, I wandered out in to my little area of Pittsburgh without too much purpose.

the result:

  • actually seeing a few minutes of a CMU football game (you don't even want to know how little our school supports sports)
  • visiting my favorite exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History: the Hillman Hall of Minerals
  • seeing a new exhibit at the Art Museum: the Art of Structure (no pictures but it was really cool and I recommend going to see it if you like engineering or design or just beautiful infrastructure)
  • a light meal at the Greek Food Festival

seriously, there is nothing wrong with going on a little solo adventure once in a while.

especially when there are amazing things to discover all over your neighborhood.

are you brave enough to go on little excursions all on your own?

what's the best thing you did with your weekend?