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fall is my favorite

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this weekend was magical.

it officially started on Thursday night with the usual drunk dancing at Peter's.

that morphed into Friday, when my phone took a tumble into the toilet.  gross AND unfortunate.  luckily, I have insurance on my phone.  I think that this is my 6th in 3 years.

a quick trip to Squirrel Hill's Verizon store and I now have a new one (same model) on the way.  I'm really glad that I now have a store less than a 10 minute walk away from my house.  I used to have to take a really long bus ride whenever this used to happen.

once that got taken care of, we went on a wonderful road trip to Simmons Farm.  I'm not sure exactly where it is, but it was 70+ degrees and sunny.  I could've ridden in a car with the windows down all day and not had a care in the world.

it felt so good to get out of the city and see some rolling hills.  the other night I was ranting about how I was just craving foliage.  I'm not sure if my friends quite understood what this Vermonter was going on and on about, but I dearly miss the bright orange and red hills that surround my home.

rather than just buying a peck at the little store, I insisted that we go out into the orchard and pick our own.  I stand by the statement that there is NOTHING worse than a sub par apple, and I wanted to pluck the most crisp specimens from the tree myself.

there are few things that I love more than crunching leaves underfoot, eating salty food, and fresh apple cider.  so it goes without saying that fall is my favorite.



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