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thoughts on Oct 21st

UncategorizedAnna Keller2 Comments

things that concern me:

  • my broken phone
  • my persistent cold
  • the bug-bites on my arm
  • my crazy busy weekend
  • missed text messages (see broken phone)
  • a very long to-do list
  • the lack of a solid Halloween costume
  • our dirty kitchen floor
  • the 24 chapters that I must read for tomorrow
  • my 4 hour shift at the museum that I don't have time for today

things that make me happy:

  • the need for warm & cozy sweaters
  • hot mugs of spiced tea
  • pumpkin in my oats
  • a reason to bake cupcakes
  • a fat stack of unread magazines
  • sunshine
  • piles of dried brightly colored leaves
  • winning IM soccer games


what are your thoughts on today?