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for my mental health

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I'm not quite sure when it started, but stress has definitely come back into my life in a way that only CMU can enforce. I've started skipping classes so that I can do work for other classes.

I haven't hung out with my roommates for 3 weeks.  and when I say hung out, I mean spoken with them for more than 3 minutes a day.

my nails went unpainted for 2 whole days. this hasn't happened in years.  my pale little fingers felt so, so naked.

I had no food.  I was eating oatmeal and frozen broccoli.

I wear what's already on my bedroom floor.  I have a shopping addiction and a very full closet, so there is no need for this kind of behavior.

I get a pounding headache if I don't have caffeine every 2 hours.

I do readings for class on my walk to campus.  I almost fall flat on my face several times a day.


so, needless to say, I needed to take a break.  mostly so that I didn't go completely insane.

On Wednesday, I...

  • smashed a boiling mug of hot tea all over my bedroom floor.  I left it there to deal with later.
  • slipped on the last few of our wet front steps.  some guy watched the whole thing.  I would've appreciated it if he'd asked if I was OK.
  • was late for work.
  • didn't listen to my American culture lecture since I was preparing for my presentation in the next class.
  • didn't bring enough food for lunch.
  • skipped my last class of the day.  watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, gave myself a manicure, and eat peanut butter out of the jar.
  • restocked depleted grocery stores.
  • got caught up on Gossip Girl.
  • ate my first acorn squash of the season.
  • got my ass kicked in an awesome vinyasa flow class.  my arms feel sore in the best possible way today.
  • was in bed before midnight.

I didn't do any homework.  My room is still kind of a mess.  But, damn it, I needed a break.  And I am now having the most relaxing morning (I may have skipped that class that I didn't do the reading for...).


How devoted are you to your own mental health?

Are you willing to take a break so that you don't go insane,

even if it means missing out on an awesome

discussion about pollution in the Yellow River?

oh, and I took out my colored pencils and drew this little gem.

happy fall!