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reading Vogue for credit

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for a class project, I had to go to through the stacks in the library and compile some magazines from 50 years ago and then discuss how they have changed/not changed in their current issues.

for a magazine addict like me, this was the perfect excuse to spend a rainy morning cuddled up with glamorous issues of Vogue from the 1950s.

I loved looking through the old editorials - Grace Kelly, camel coats, and glamorous makeup permeate every page.

I was not too thrilled when I read the diet article about a liquid diet that required women to subsist on 800 calories a day.  um, WHAT?  that's breakfast for me.  how were women supposed to fight for equal rights when their heads were foggy with starvation?

but really, if flipping through old glossies is your idea of a good time (and really, it should be), then I recommend seeing what your library has in its archives.  I'm all ready to ditch my leggings and start wandering around in pearls and knee-length wool skirts.  well, not quite, but I'm definitely feeling inspired.


what inspires you from the past?

some of my favorite fashion icons are long gone - Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,

Francoise Hardy, Bridget Bardot, Jackie O...