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being a grown-up: attempt #1

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this week, I've had an extraordinary amount of work.  one midterm, 1600 word essay, one ten page paper, and one more 8 page paper.  plus lots of course reading that I may or may not have actually done to prepare for class.

this was partially my own fault since I procrastinate like it's my job.  as a full-time student, I guess this technically is my job.  I only really work well under pressure.  otherwise, I get distracted way too easily and find myself facebook stalking people I've met once in my life.

so given the amount of work that I had to do, I decided to try and be a grown up about stress relief.

I lit candles.

I bought a bottle (not a box!) of some delicious CLASSY wine, poured myself a glass, and hoped that it would help get the creative juices flowing.

funny thing: I don't think I've ever just sipped on a single glass of vino before.  turns out it gave me a headache and made me tired.  so I ate more snacks, chugged some water, and gave up on this whole attempt at being mature thing.

I'm going to finish the rest of the bottle tonight when I can have a sip and gossip session with my roomies.  because nothing calms me down like a solid wine buzz and some juicy rumors.

what do you do to unwind?