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thanksgiving 2010

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I've been home in Vermont for exactly a week now, and making the decision to come home early was probably the best thing I've done in a long time.

I've had plenty of bonding time with my family, and especially with my 15 year old brother who is now an only child since my sister and I are both far away at school for most of the year.  yesterday we got him a cellphone, which I am really excited about, if only so that I can send him weird random texts reminding him how strange his sister is.  I didn't get to have a cellphone until I was 18 (BIG PROBLEM), and I'm really glad that he has this opportunity now.

I've done a lot of driving on the country roads between my house and Burlington, and I really only appreciated the wonderful views after I left Vermont for Pittsburgh.  the layers of mountains and the broad fields filled with marshmallows of hay are really wonderful to look at.

our Thanksgiving meal was really nice, too.  we stay at home now, instead of driving to either Pennsylvania or Massachusetts, and I'm really glad that we get to have this little bit of immediate family bonding time.  this year, my parents had their own big antibiotic-free, free-range bird and I cooked the most amazing seitan roast for those who didn't want dark or white meat.  for dessert, we had pumpkin roll, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and tiramisu (which my sister put waaaayyy too much booze in).  we also had a ceremonial beheading of some turkeys from Lake Champlain Chocolates.

I had come home with only 3 pairs of shoes (plus my LL Bean slippers), but thanks to the Black Friday sale at Urban Outfitters, I scored 2 more pairs of boots for only $10 each.  I think that brings my boot count up to 20?  I may not have needed yet another pair but I am NOT one to turn down a good deal.

today is my last full day here at home until after finals (only 17 days away!) and we had a family breakfast of pancakes.  as I was finishing up my coffee, I noticed the first few fluffy snowflakes that I've seen all year tumble down from the sky.  I love, love, LOVE snow, and while it's not sticking, the temporary snow globe around me is making me very happy and content.

tonight, my little brother is playing a gig at the Monkey House in Winooski with his band, Wolcott.  I'm really excited to see them perform.  then we're going for a post-show meal at Tiny Thai.  I really couldn't ask for a better end to my trip.