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change of some very expensive plans

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**disclaimer: this is a rant.

so you know how my post this morning was all nice and cheerful and about how I'm all set to go back to school?  well, Delta had other plans for me.

last Saturday, I opted to take a bus from Pittsburgh to Philly and then had my dad come and pick me up so that I could be home for an extra 4 days.  I had talked to the airline people and they said it would cost me around $500 to change my ticket out to Vermont.  they didn't tell me that if I didn't use my ticket that they would just cancel the whole thing and not tell me.  no email, no canceled itinerary.  NOTHING.

so when I showed up for my flight at 10:15 this morning, I was a little surprised when she told me that I would need to pay an additional $535 to get my seat on the plane.  the seat that I'd already paid an astronomical amount to get in the first place since flying during Thanksgiving break is the worst idea in the world.

I decided to not give Delta any more of my parent's hard-earned money and booked a $200 flight with US Air instead.

money is becoming an abstract noun.  this is BAD.  and going to have some serious consequences.  how much does ramen actually cost?

thank GOD BTV actually has free wifi.  I declined my parent's insistence to come bring me back home so that I could have lunch and another hour or two at home, and am pounding away at all of the assignments that I've forgotten about for a full week.  this includes a journal entry that was due last Tuesday.  hopefully this teacher doesn't understand the function of time stamps.

and my arm is a little tender from my new ink.

but here's the good news: the little food vendor here at this tiny airport (the smallest airport I've ever been to.  it may be the smallest in the country) had a delicious veggie wrap for sale and I got to try Green Mountain Coffee's pumpkin spice flavor.  for the wrap, think summer squash and asiago cheese.  and the coffee is crack.  my sister and I spent 20 minutes in the grocery store looking for our own bags of the stuff, but I will just have to pay $1.95 for my own regularly sized cup of heaven.

sorry for that rant.  but anyone else who travels a lot totally understands, right?

I hope your end of break plans go a little more smoothly!

and don't fly Delta.