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airport grub

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since there are no direct flights between Pittsburgh (school) and Burlington (home), I have to spend a lot of time sitting in random airports, waiting for my connecting flight.  inevitably, I get hungry, and American airports are not exactly fun places to be a budget-minded vegetarian.  in JFK, I can usually find Greek yogurt; in Philly, I was stuck eating a veggie pita stuffed with iceberg; Detroit usually has a sandwich stand with a bagel or something.

DC was a surprise for me this trip.  I've been to Reagan International before, but I may have never been as ravenous as I was this trip.  I hadn't eaten anything substantial for way too long, and while I am normally a huge anti-gross chain restaurant person, Fuddrucker's had a veggie burger and I could not say no.

normally, I don't order veggie burgers in restaurants.  they usually just heat up a frozen patty that I could just as easily pick up at Giant Eagle and stick it on an enormous bun.

this patty was huge on an even more huge whole wheat bun.  no cheese.  the clincher: a toppings bar.  I loaded that beast with all of the pickles, onion, lettuce, and tomato that would fit.  I pumped some ketchup and mustard on top of all of it and smushed it together.

and it was amazing.

maybe they buttered the bun.  maybe they fried that patty in gross fatty stuff.  I don't know, I don't care, and it was the best thing that I've eaten in a looooong time.  it may have beaten Thanksgiving dinner.

once I had stuffed myself, I wanted something sweet.  Auntie Anne's and Cinnabon or whatever was of no interest to me.  I wandered over to the Cibo cart and found my new favorite snack: Cinnamon Toast pretzels.  all I wanted was some vanilla yogurt for dippage.

so if you're ever stuck in an airport that happens to have a Fuddrucker's, I recommend giving in to the styrofoam container and eating a burger.  it was like $6.50 and so worth it.