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hello december!

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this morning, I woke up to a world of softly falling snowflakes.  for me, a quiet world filled with swirling snow is even better than a sunny morning with a temperature around 70*.  I think that this is a result of many mornings waking up to a winter wonderland and praying that the roads were bad enough for the buses to stay in their garage.  despite being in Vermont, snow days didn't come very often (they preferred to give us 2-hour delays), but when they did, you can bet that I spent the whole day in my pjs, sipping on hot chocolate, and watching daytime TV until the snow was sticky enough to act as a construction material.

snow men, forts, and a few very necessary snowball fights.

and if we already had a little snow on the ground, we could pull out the saucers and speed our way down the hill on the side of our yard.  afternoons usually meant a few laps of cross country skiing before the sun went down and it got too spooky to be out by the woods.

and the best part was the night, because you'd already done your homework for the next day.  everyone knows that if you don't do your homework then you will most definitely not have a snow day.  snow days only happen when you're 100% prepared to go to class.

so today's little gift of snow was a wonderful way to kick off December.

how do you feel about those gorgeous little pieces of snow?  friend or foe?