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a warm red sweatshirt

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today, my roommates picked me up after work and we rode away to a desolate part of Pittsburgh to go pick through a Gabriel Brothers store.  after a few miles of driving past abandoned box stores and acres of leafless trees, we arrived.  I'd never been to this chain before, and it's basically like a more run-down Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  you really had to pick through some icky things to get to the good stuff. one of my roommates did really well and managed to get most of her Christmas shopping done.  I had slightly less luck and walked away with a men's XS Champion burgundy sweatshirt and a fresh linen scented candle.  both of which are for me.

I only spent $13 and am pretty excited because now I can dress like this.

image created by me at Polyvore

the howling wind and breathtaking wind chill have made me only want to wear practical boots and cozy things that I could wear on a mountain.  and I can't seem to take my hat off.

as cold as it is now, it is apparently 20* warmer back at home in Vermont right now.  it's going to be a harsh return when I go home on Wednesday.