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2010 in review

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family road trip from Vermont to Florida

cruise to Key West and Grand Cayman

unseasonably cold, but hey, I got kind of tan


snowpocalypse, snowmageddon -- whatever

Pittsburgh got an obscene amount of snow

it also doesn't have snow plows or people who can handle snow

we got 5 solid days off

I love snow days, especially in college


went on my first real spring break to Panama

I stayed with family friends

they live in a resort AND we went on a mini vacation to a surf beach

I could definitely sip on mojitos and eat $0.50 pineapples for the rest of my life


the last month of classes + the last month of being under 21

so nothing really notable actually happened

aside from Carnival, but that's pretty much a blur anyway


I officially turned 21 and enjoyed all of the things that particular birthday allows

got my new Canon Rebel, which has been attached to my face ever since

spent a weekend at my friend's cabin in Nowhere, PA

and spent another rainy weekend hiding in Newport, RI with my sister


it's amazing how much you can do when you only have to go to work and not do homework

we were foster parents to some kittens for a little bit too long

got to know Pittsburgh a little better

and went to the zoo - for free!


more exploring

more celebrations

summer in Pittsburgh is actually really nice

moving sucks, though


I returned to Vermont for the first 2 weeks of August

enjoyed the fresh mountain air

and went to the Osheaga music festival in Montreal


school was in full swing

I pretended to have 3-day weekends


the leaves changed color

and I managed to spend plenty of time on farms


nothing new


luckily, mountains of schoolwork make this super cold and snowy month go by quickly

I had my best academic semester EVER

and got to go home to Vermont for plenty of R&R

I am not one to have regrets

and I am 100% satisfied with 2010

with that being said

I'm ready for 2011 to be even better