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neon bowling shoes

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for my last day in Vermont for winter break, I requested that my mom, sister, and I go to Olive Garden for soup, salad, and breadsticks and to one of the creepy local bowling alleys to get a game in.

did you know that Olive Garden now posts its nutrition information on the menu?  I'm not digging into their pasta Alfredo any time soon, although I am still addicted to their house salad dressing.

I got a big score of 69 in our one and only game.  I blame the fact that I couldn't find the perfect ball and I kept getting creeped out by thinking of all the people who've stuck their fingers in those holes.  ugh.

for dinner we stuffed ourselves silly on Good Times Cafe's white pizza, and then we played Mario Kart until we got bored.  we watched Fight Club (SO GOOD. SO GOSH DARN GOOD.) and got caught up on the new season of The Bachelor.  I think Brad could redeem himself.

Now I'm hoping that the only snow we've gotten all break doesn't ruin my travel plans.  I have a layover in Cleveland and I would really like to celebrate my friend's birthday and the start of our final semester of college in Pittsburgh tonight.

so snow gods, please be nice to me?