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today, I had some scary things happen to me.

this amazing cup of frothy goodness happened yesterday.  it had more almond milk than coffee and tasted so good.  well, as good as I can make it with my tiny coffee maker and a limited budget.

however, today I had to face my fear of a morning without caffeine. I had a 9 am class, and there just wasn't enough time in my frenzied morning to whip up tea or coffee.  it was rough.  I had a headache all day, even once I managed to shotgun a diet Coke.  I have a problem, I know.

scarier yet was what I found on our stove when I returned home to an empty house.




I've been hearing weird things in the house for a while, but I chose to ignore them.  I mean, both the people above and below us have tiny dog pets.  and the house could be haunted.  I just wanted to live in ignorant bliss.  this evidence was unavoidable, especially since my roommate had found the little door that hides our pipes open yesterday for no real reason.

so all of that dirt and animal residue was there, and I texted my roommates and told them to come home immediately so that I could make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  well, they confirmed my fears and we all ran around and screamed for a while.  our landlord is coming in the morning, and apparently the girl upstairs also has a ferret.  who may have gotten out.


at first I thought it was a raccoon, and I don't know if a ferret is any better.  as long as nothing attacks me in my sleep, I'm cool.  and I haven't heard any weird scratching all evening.

and I am super pissed at this mystery animal because I think it stole my chocolate bar.  it was there yesterday and I went in for a snack.  the box was on its side and my dark chocolate almond bar was nowhere to be found.

today has been a very scary day.