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if the New York Times can do it, why can't I?  this is going to be a new weekly thing.  just some odds and ends from what I'm feeling right now.

today, the sun was shining, I got to sleep in, and I opted to forgo boots since it was such a nice day.

granted, it was only 20* once I stepped outside, but wearing sunglasses made it all OK.

oatmeal Gap Kids pullover / silver AEO watch / grey H&M scarf / cognac L.L. Bean driving mocs / UNIQLO jeans

I've started carrying a small Moleskine with me everywhere and sticking things in it that I love - quotes, to-do lists, magazine clippings.  here's a little snippet from a random page.

just something to think about.

oh --- and this is my first use of my new tripod.  so expect bigger and better things to come!