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I woke up this morning to a sunny blue sky.  I can't remember the last time this happened.  Pittsburgh is very cloudy in the winter, and all of this vitamin D put me in the best mood for the rest of the day.

after a wonderful yoga flow class and nailing my political philosophy presentation, I went to Avalon to sell some of my rejects and trade them in for some new additions to my closet.  I always come out way more pleased with my wardrobe than when I went in.

today was no different - I found a few items that I love but didn't really need.  whatever.

charcoal J. Crew zippered asymmetrical cardigan - $16

grey wool Silence + Noise military jacket - $24.50

navy cotton Gap boyfriend button-down - $10

I also picked up a simple navy Gap t-shirt dress.  obviously, I'm obsessed with navy and grey.  I can't help myself.

and I earned a $30 store credit from the stuff that I traded in.  so this stuff was practically free.

what colors are you in love with right now?