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sorry, Steelers...

UncategorizedAnna Keller1 Comment

I hope I didn't make any of you think that I actually care a lot about football in my last post.  I can watch a football game, but I don't really follow it or anything.  living in Steeler country, though, even for just 3 1/2 years, converts you to enjoying a little black and yellow in your life.

it is just so sad to watch a city that cares so deeply for its teams to have to lower its head in shame after loosing to a bunch of Cheese heads.

after the riots of the last Superbowl win, the police and city were ready to handle some very happy fans, but after the game last night, the streets were very quiet and somber.

while I wasn't super emotionally invested in the outcome of the game, I was definitely ready to enjoy myself for a day of empty calorie consumption.  yesterday, my diet consisted of 2 bagels, celery sticks, something from a keg, funfetti cookies, and waaayyyy too many fries from The O, a staple in the diet of a yinzer.

I was lucky enough to have a 9 am class this morning, so now I am drowning my sorrows with a tall soy capp.  I am in desperate need of a nap, some yoga, and a lot of leafy greens.

for myself and the rest of the city, today is a day of recovery.