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my oscar ballot

UncategorizedAnna Keller1 Comment

despite only having seen a handful of the Oscar-nominated flicks, I did pretty well on my Oscar ballot last night:

(my roommate made them by hand because we were all to lazy to go find a printer.)

I can't say I was really surprised by all of the winners.  I was truly impressed by a number of performances this year, and my love for Natalie and Colin was only reinforced last night.

oh, and I am totally marrying James Franco.  well, maybe not marry him, but I'd totally be down to have his love child(ren).  and I don't really want kids, so that's saying something.  he was either deliriously baked or having the time of his life last night...or both.  either way, I was seriously enjoying his live coverage of the event.

and while I wasn't keeping score last night, I definitely give some points this morning to a few of the stunners from the red carpet today.

image via frugal-fashionista

uh, yeah.  so many hot women it's hard to choose best dressed.  although Anne did have a pretty good run for the number of changes that she made.  including those Briane Atwood shoes.  hot DAMN.

did you watch the show last night?  who did you love?  hate?