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trial run: amazing yoga

UncategorizedAnna Keller

I recently signed up for a Groupon for 30 days of unlimited classes at Amazing Yoga. I'd been putting off starting it, but on Friday I finally went for it, and man, am I glad I did.  they teach a pretty intense level of hot power flow yoga.  the room is kept just below 100*, humidity hovers around 65%, and classes can range from an easy 60 - to an intense 90 minutes.

Sunday was my third day in a row of going to class.  my arms were jelly, my hamstrings were so sore, and I found myself in child's pose a little more often than I am used to, but I'm already starting to feel so much stronger and my deltoids are looking a little more toned.

I'll definitely be keeping up my practice over the next 30 days (with a little 7 day break for my trip to the Bahamas) and will probably be complaining about my sore biceps.  but really, I feel so good after 90  minutes of sweating out all of the salty food and bad treats that I've been falling for recently that I will secretly really enjoy going to class almost every day.