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now that I've successfully (or not...fingers are crossed) taken care of all the schoolwork that I had to do before embarking on spring break, it's time to tackle the next thing on my list: PACKING.

I'm not the lightest packer in the world, and going through multiple climates on a 7 day cruise is going to necessitate lots of outfit changes.  honestly, I can't wait to bust out my shorts and breezy shirts after spending so much time all huddled up in my winter-weight AA leggings and layers upon layers of sweaters and scarves.  and so, I feel the need to pack every floral or crocheted item in my closet.

I'm sticking with a theme so that it's easy to mix-and-match once I'm on board: grays, pinks, feather and floral prints, cream, olive, chambray, and only a tiny bit of black.  this is only a portion of what I've crammed into one bag.  I may be bringing, like, 7 different bikinis.

and then I need workout clothes, pjs, shoes, shoes, shoes, toiletries, and who knows what else.  I am inevitably going to forget something.  oh well.

and I'm packing my hat.

what are your vacation necessities?

(no worries - I'm bringing lots of SPF)

and do you have any exciting spring break plans?