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obsession: instant pudding

foodAnna Keller4 Comments

let me preface this post with a disclaimer -- I know that artificial ingredients are bad for my body and the environment.  I know that if I can't pronounce an ingredient, I probably shouldn't eat it.  I know that whole, natural foods are the way to go.  I firmly believe this.


I love, love, LOVE instant pudding.

the sugar-free, fat-free, shake-up-with-cold-skim-milk kind.

Jello brand.

chocolate fudge, vanilla, cheesecake.

and it's even better with a solid amount of Cool Whip Free on top.

I actually think the best ratio is equal parts pudding to Cool Whip.

and here's my secret to really thick and decadent pudding:

put 2/3 of the recommended amount of milk in

(so if it says put 3 cups in, only add 2)

whisk it all together and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of minutes

and there you go:

thick, fudgy goodness

chemicals and all


do you have any 'naughty' foods that you secretly enjoy?

twinkies?  diet coke?  poptarts?

rice krispie treats?  coco puffs?  lucky charms?

I know you don't exclusively eat organic produce