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foodAnna Keller1 Comment

sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable to skip class* and go for a walk in the park.

this case is made even stronger if you stop at your favorite frozen yogurt shop

[greek style + passion fruit yogurt] 

[tiny pieces of fruit]

[m&ms + coconut + sprinkles]

(for $3!)

*this class was my PE yoga class.  it's 50 minutes of neck stretches and really awkward Vinyasa flows.  she has weird names for all of the poses (like they're all animals) and even though I've been taking Vinyasa flow classes for 4 years, I can't get her rhythm.  so, I don't feel like I missed much.  and she plays really awful tribal music.  I've been to classes where they play Radiohead and 'For What It's Worth' -- yoga music doesn't have to be lame.


what's your favorite excuse for playing hookie?