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this spring

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the past few mornings, the temperature has been in the teens.ย  even though it's officially spring, it sure doesn't feel like it. here are a few things that I can't wait to incorporate into my life once the sun stays out for good and I don't need to wear my winter coat.

  1. ballet flats - my feet are so, so tired of being stuck in boots
  2. iced coffee - so I won't burn my tongue
  3. sundresses paired with a light denim jacket - I seriously miss my warm weather wardrobe
  4. leisurely mornings spent with my Macbook, a bowl of cereal, and said coffee on my balcony
  5. study sessions outside - although, let's be honest here.ย  it's way too hard to focus sitting in the sunshine
  6. exploring Pittsburgh with my camera and tripod - there are so many adventures to be had!

#1,2 via Tumblr

#3 via me, taken last May with disposable camera