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thursday style section: the couple that launched a thousand ships

styleAnna KellerComment

I recently posted this image on Tumblr, and I got more followers and reblogs than I have every gotten with any other image.  I guess that shows just how obsessed so many of us still are with the original power couple.

Jackie O was so chic, and her husband, JFK, was so smart and handsome.  they had the best sunglasses and the best summer houses.

maybe it's because of images like this, but I've been majorly homesick for summers spent on the coast with a good book and some sunscreen.  when I was little, I would always go down and spend a weekend in Massachusetts on my grandparent's little boat.  I lived near Kennebunk until I was 10, and there are few things more lovely than a walk along the coastline.

my plans for the summer aren't totally solidified yet, but I'm hoping to have a little Camelot-inspired laid-back and practical glamor in my life.