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shopping with my mom

styleAnna Keller2 Comments

I made sure that my mom got a little culture when she visited me, but we also took the time to do a little damage in H&M and Anthropologie.  it had been a while since my mom had treated me to a new shirt or dress, and I will always let her spoil me a tiny little bit.  I will admit that I couldn't find anything in DSW for her to buy me.  nothing screamed BUY ME, so I did the unthinkable and did not get yet another pair of shoes. at H&M, I was in love with this season's bright oranges and navy hues.

my mom's hotel was right next to a brand new Anthropologie in Bakery Square. we spent an awful lot of time wandering around and falling in love with each adorable book, bowl, and perfectly draped shirt.

thanks, mom ♥♥♥