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foodAnna KellerComment

Carnival was a lot of fun.  I had an amazing time.  However, now it's time to recover.

I consumed waaaayyy too much sugar, not enough vitamins, and even though I stayed in the last night and got 10 hours of sleep, I still feel like a zombie.

My throat is scratchy and sore, which means that I am getting sick again after several months of staying healthy and taking care of myself.

Our kitchen is a mess and my to-do list is a million items long.  I don't have a single piece of produce in the fridge or freezer.

I haven't exercised in 3? 4? days.  I feel like my body is not too happy with me.

So while Carnival was a blast and I got to see my friends who had graduated, I am very glad it is only an annual event.  I'm not the freshman that I once was, and my sore throat is a testament to the fact that I am definitely getting older (and possibly a little wiser).

I'm going to lay off the white chocolate truffles (no matter how good they look), run a few extra miles, and get some serious school work done.  That's the plan, anyway.