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music festival envy

styleAnna KellerComment

Coachella is in full swing right now, and as an avid fan of live music, I am incredibly sad to not be participating.  look at this lineup:

it is my deepest desire to see The Strokes play live.  They are my absolute FAVORITE band. EVER.

this weekend I am making my own music festival plans, as tickets for OSHEAGA 2011 went on sale on Friday.  I've gone for two years straight (here's 2010), and it's looking like it will now be an annual pilgrimage with my brother and sister.  we weren't able to get the early bird tickets (even though I tried to order them the minute they went on sale), but we'll be buying our three day passes very soon.

it's always a really nice mix of amazing little bands and big headliners.  last year I saw Arcade Fire and Snoop Dogg -- they each had slightly different audiences.

so while I have a while to wait until I get my own music festival experience, I am enjoying flipping through some festival style inspiration.  I've been getting the Topshop newsletters for weeks now telling me how to let my flower child out and which crocheted pieces to mix with denim shorts and boots.  these WhoWhatWear daily picks were also wonderful to dream about.

these girls from Harper's Bazaar are killing it: also had some amazing outfits to post:

my bottom line:

dress to be dirty, comfy, and cute. 

you will get muddy, your feet will get tired, and you will sunburn your nose if you don't have a hat or vigilantly apply SPF 45. 

and you do want to look kind of nice -- there are an awful lot of cute young men who frequent these events, too.


what would your perfect music festival experience involve?