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I stumbled across this compass rose in Mellon Park this past weekend, and I couldn't help but think how appropriate it is for this time in my life.

(Caution: this may get corny, but I don't care.)

Next Friday marks my last day of classes as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon.  I took a semester off 2 years ago, so I still have one semester left to go before I graduate, but that final semester is being spent in Copenhagen.  I had to go to my mandated pre-departure orientation on Monday, and it is all suddenly feeling so close and exciting.  I get happy little butterflies when I imagine a long time spent abroad.

While I may not be graduating in a few short weeks, most of my friends are, and it's crazy to think that we will all be scattered across the country/world for the rest of our lives.  Pittsburgh may have annoying weather, but it has been a home to so many amazing people.  It's hard to think about how every dance party, study session, and practical joke will be the last.  As difficult as college can be, it is a great place to meet people and find yourself.  I am who I am because of the last 4 years, and I am who I am because of all my poor choices and good decisions.  I wouldn't take back anything, I've learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I can only go forward a continue to create a lovely little life with people that I adore.

So this compass rose reminds me of where I am at this exact moment.  Here, at this point in my life, with a tremendous amount of opportunities and experiences just waiting for me.  My summer plans are a little up in the air, but I don't care.  I know that whatever ends up happening will be wonderful.  Whichever way I go, it will change my life for the better.  I don't regret things, and I don't believe in making mistakes (about big things -- little things I f*ck up allll the time).  Whatever I do and everything I go through will make be better, stronger, and help point me in the right direction for the next time I come upon a *metaphorical* compass rose.

How do you feel about change?  Scared shitless?  Blindly optimistic?