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I have just a few days left in this semester, which means that I have a ton of studying, research, and writing to do.  luckily, I am taking a few classes that I genuinely enjoy doing work for, including the history of clothing.  flipping through old fashion books in the library and reading my Elle magazines can be considered either work or play for me.

bucket bags in Elle

did you know that the precursor to the modern purse was the reticule?  they were little drawstring purses carried around by Victorian women.

I've been searching for the perfect brown leather tote for ages.  I think I found it, but now I need $1850.

in the early 20th century, lower laced shoes were worn by men.  they were popularized by students at Oxford University, hence the term oxford.  2-toned shoes like this were often worn as resort wear.  while they probably didn't have the best arch support, they were worn for recreational activities like golfing and more active sports.

I considered buying a pair of oxfords for myself this fall, but I couldn't find a pair that were soft enough for my tender little feet.  I can't stand stiff shoes.

some cute boys wearing derby hats.

dancing in tails.

during the Edwardian period, a rounded bosom was ideal.  her corset in this picture is pushing her down and around, creating the monobosom.  I think we call it a uniboob look today.

Kate Moss on an old Vogue cover

this ties into my history of photography final paper that I just finished.  fashion magazines were one of the first institutions to embrace color photography.  it was really expensive and most photographers were content with their black and white images.

I know this has been really random but now blogging can be considered studying, too.