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tonight I had my final history of photography class.  we viewed a few last presentations and then took our final exam.  I am actually really sad that this class is over.  this class traced the history and evolution of the medium since World War II, and I found it to be fascinating.  each 3 hour class was riveting, the readings were interesting, and the exams were easy because I actually knew the information.

I've taken a  lot of classes over my 3 1/2 year collegiate career, and this is one of the only courses that I will actually miss attending every week.  when I was a civil engineer, I spent a lot of time in classes that I really didn't like. homework was incredibly painful, I hated reading my textbooks, and I couldn't stay awake in any of my classes.  I was miserably scraping my way through my undergraduate career.  after 4 semesters of calculus, physics, programming, and chemistry classes, I realized that my heart wasn't really in engineering and switched to the humanities.

I know that my time in hell/engineering was necessary for me to figure out what I really want to do with my life, but I do think that I missed out on some really amazing classes and experiences.  I'm just finishing up with my required courses now, and I wish that I could have explored more at school.  I could have a minor or even a double major that I really enjoy and could use in my job search.

I'm not one to dwell, so I'm just going to remember how much I loved this class and make a point to continue to study photography on my own time.  I will learn how to use my Canon Rebel better than I do now,  I will continue to follow some amazing photographers, and I will remember how nice it is to learn about a subject that actually excites me.

have you changed your academic path?  do you regret doing it?  can you look back and wish that you had changed majors?