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currently craving: veggie burgers

foodAnna Keller1 Comment

perhaps it's due to this current heat wave, but I have been craving a veggie burger like nobody's business this week.Β  I tweeted about it on Monday, but I settled for some Chinese veggies and tofu in the park.Β  I don't have a whole lot of free time on Wednesdays, so I had to skip a class to make it to Eat Unique on Craig St.

they have a ton of vegetarian lunch options, but I knew what I wanted: the chickpea veggie burger with mushrooms, red peppers, and cheese on 7 grain bread (hold the mayo).Β  it's not on the menu since it's an occasional special, but I lucked out today.Β  for $5.99, it kept me full all day, and now I don't need another gooey and slightly greasy heart veggie burger until it warms up again next week.

do you find yourself craving different things when it warms up?