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my guide to having a great day

listsAnna Keller1 Comment

I woke up this morning feeling a little upset about a conversation that I had last night.  when I'm down, I make it right again by allowing myself to do the things that make me feel really good.  step #1.  go to Starbucks and treat yourself to a wonderful second breakfast.  bonus points if you have a gift card.

step #2. do some writing to clear your head

step #3.  roam around one of your favorite museums (the Carnegie Art Museum, in my case)

step #4.  head to the library and do a little research for your next big adventure

step #5.  spend a little time in the park with a book that you've been meaning to read forever

step #6.  call your little sister and ask for some advice.  after all, she knows you better than anyone.

what are your secrets for turning a bad day into a good one?