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today was my first official day of summer.  unfortunately, it was also my first full day of work.  the weather was perfect - 70* and wonderfully sunny.  I didn't really appreciate spending the majority of the day in a windowless office, but the sun was still strong when I left at 3:30.  I went and picked up a frozen yogurt (which could become a dangerously expensive habit) and enjoyed my coconut-pineapple confection by the fountain in the park.  I read for pleasure, and may have gotten a little more tan.  I walked home, went for a short run through another lovely park, showered and ate, and now I'm in for a long night of amazing television: Sex and the City reruns, Gossip Girl, Bethenny Ever After, and then Chelsea Lately (Will Ferrel is on!).  I really, really like not having to go to school anymore.  I may have work in the morning, but I have nothing to deal with right now.

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