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the end of an era

UncategorizedAnna Keller1 Comment

I am trying really hard not to think about how today is the last day that I will be in college with all of the people that I've loved for four long, hard years.  Graduation is this weekend, and while I'm not 100% done with my undergraduate career, most of my friends are.  They're spreading across the country, traveling to both coasts and all kinds of cities in the middle.  Some people are sticking around in Pittsburgh for a little longer with me, but it's hard to fathom that I'll be leaving this city myself very, very soon.

I'm heading back to Vermont this weekend (doesn't it look extra lovely in this picture from last summer?) to deal with some family stuff, and I'm kind of relieved to be missing all of the big goodbyes.  It's an emotional time - happy and sad, extremely bittersweet.  College is truly a life changing experience and it's going to be hard to think about how quickly time has flown.

I've had my ups and downs at school, but I love the person that I am right now and wouldn't change a single person or event that made me who I am today.  That big question mark suspended over the rest of our lives is a little scary, but it's there and we can deal with it.  I don't know when I'll see a lot of people again, but I know that they aren't going out of my life forever.

For now, let's just focus on happiness, love, and lots of potential for the future.