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dining al fresco

foodAnna Keller1 Comment

one of my favorite parts of warm weather is eating outside.  we have a balcony with a slightly sketchy table in our apartment, so rather than attempting to clean the layers of pollen and grime off of it, I went to CVS and bought an adorable $2 plastic tablecloth.

I enjoyed my delicious penne with vegetables, feta, and meatless sausage (purchased entirely from Trader Joe's) with a big glass of water.  these warm temperatures have me hydrating nonstop.

while I ate, I read from the Lonely Planet guide to Denmark.  I purchased my flight to Copenhagen today (with a layover in Iceland) and am getting more and more excited about my future adventures.

I read out there for a long time, and as the sun set, the bugs started to come out.  I can't stand bug bites, so I lit a citronella candle along with a few tea lights to ward off insects and to really put me in a good mood.  I am so in love with life right now.