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last night I was chatting with a boy at a bar, and he started asking me about my test scores.  you know, the big ones: the SAT and ACT.  4 years ago, my exact totals were seared into my memory.  I knew my percentiles and subject test scores by heart.  maybe it was because of the Long Island iced tea I was holding, but I could not for the life of me recall my scores.  and right now, writing this, I can't remember them either.

I think it is so funny that something that I once valued so highly and was such a part of my being is now out of my head.  I took those tests very seriously, mostly because I knew I was an excellent test taker and needed good scores to go to the school of my dreams.  I didn't take any test prep courses, but I took many practice tests on my own and really committed myself to mastering those bubble sheets.

it's a good thing, though.  I was way too serious about grades, numbers, and percentages in high school, and I really didn't allow myself to have as much fun as I deserved.  I got what I worked for, though, and now I can look back and see what else got me into college.  I am way more than a spread sheet of numbers, and even perfect scores don't guarantee success anymore.  I'm not defined by my math, verbal, or written scores, and my successes and failures as a person come from a place other than College Board.

I don't have a problem looking my scores up and enjoying that happy, satisfied feeling again.  there is still a little piece of overachiever left in me.