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party of one

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does anyone remember the Sex and the City episode when a newly single Carrie decides to let New York be her boyfriend and just embraces all of the wonderful experiences that the city has to offer?  well, I found myself in a similar situation today, and I have to say that Pittsburgh (my NYC for the moment) did a nice job of taking care of me. I had to work today so I was unable to go off to some wonderful lake house with the rest of my friends for the weekend.  rather than let myself get slightly depressed about missing out on swimming, a bonfire, and plenty of cold beer, I embarked on my own adventure.

I decided to head over to the Waterfront, which is chock full of chain stores and restaurants.  while it's not home to the boutiques, vintage shops, and unique eateries of New York, it fit the bill for my own night.

I started with some unplanned shopping and picked up some things that I love but didn't really need.  a white eyelet bikini for $15 (from Aeropostale - shocking!) and some colorful bracelets from American Eagle, which I snagged for a total of $10.

while I consider both of these stores to be primarily full of overly logo-d & poorly constructed pieces, I do occasionally stumble upon cute and inexpensive items worth picking up.  in my mind, all of this is just training for a lifetime of smart shopping.  I never want to be that girl without the perfect dress for that important event (with matching accessories).

after working up a bit of an appetite with all of my shopping cardio, I opted for Panera for dinner.  a Greek salad (no dressing) and a hunk of baguette were the perfect company for me and the book that I am flying through.

after dinner, it was time for the last installment of my evening: a movie date to see the new X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class.  I had a Fandango credit to use up, and since I'd already seen Bridesmaids and The Hangover II, this was the next best thing. I'll be honest - I didn't really go in with high expectations.  I'm not a huge fan of comic books and superhero movies, but the hot actors, early 1960s style inspiration, and interesting story line had me hooked for the entire 2 hour showing.

it was a good night - I shopped, ate out, and saw a good movie.  I needed some time alone, to just relax and go at my own pace.  as fun as it is to go out, drink wine with friends on lawns, and play Taboo, it's important to remember how wonderful a solo adventure can be.