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the first of some lasts

adventureAnna KellerComment

sorry for the minor hiatus.  it is finally hitting me that I am leaving Pittsburgh very soon, and I'm trying to get as much out of the city as a I can before I go explore a new location.  I will be back in Vermont in 2 weeks, so I'm getting in the first of a lasts. on Wednesday morning I got an email that H&M's summer sale had begun.  I don't have easy access to much shopping in Vermont, so I went on my very last South Side shopping excursion.  while I didn't pick up anything from the actual sale rack, I did find a perfect black skirt and grey tank top with a placket.  you know, to fill some (unnecessary) holes in my wardrobe.  I find that H&M's sales are always a pleasant concept, but I have a hard time picking through the packed racks to find an item in a sane print in a size smaller than a 14.  I also went into Urban Outfitters and picked up a high-waisted denim skirt, yet another striped shirt, and a striped dress.  I already know I have plenty of stripes, but I'm still on my quest for the perfect shirt.  I'll know it when I see it.

I also had my last meal at Pita Pit.  it's a chain that hasn't gotten up to New England, so I treated myself to a hummus salad with all of the fixings.  I'm going to miss that perfect combination of banana peppers, feta cheese, and cucumbers (and the unlimited diet Coke).

it's making me sad to think of the things that I won't be able to do anymore.  some of my favorite restaurants, people, parks, benches, gardens, running routes, museums, libraries, hair stylists, etc., etc. are in Pittsburgh.  I'm very excited for all of the new adventures that await me, but it's going to be a little sad to say farewell to this city with its rivers, bridges, and lots and lots of memories.