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wandering: Oakland edition

adventure, photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

my journey this past weekend continued down Forbes Ave.  it took me to Schenley Park and the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.  Pitt is a much bigger school than Carnegie Mellon and has a completely different vibe going on -- it's much more like a traditional college, with lots of cheap restaurants, good bars, and cute boys.

the Cathedral of Learning is the 2nd tallest academic building in the world, and it's a great landmark to use as a guide if you get lost somewhere deep in South Oakland.  I saw a t-shirt once that said, "The Cathedral of Learning: Leading Drunk Kids Home Since 1937."

the O is another significant Pittsburgh landmark.  known for its greasy (but delicious) and dirt-cheap fries, you'll find it packed with hungry/wasted kids at any hour of the day or night.  it closes when the line disappears.