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unemployed & thrilled about it

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today was my last day working at the museum.  I've worked there for over 2 years.  I've met some really amazing people, a few weirdos, and have a brain full of random facts.  I've learned that faking a smile actually makes you a much happier person, and people will treat you nicely if you care about their day.  there are some truly adorable and hilarious children, with a handful of brats who haven't been taught their manners quite yet.  it's been a crazy ride, and I'm ready to do something else.

of course, I had to celebrate, and a visit to Razzy Fresh was very necessary.  my current obsession is coconut frozen yogurt, topped with diced pineapple.  the best part of today was that I used up my frequent visitor card.  I get a free 8 oz treat tomorrow!

do you like my nails?

now I get to spend the next several days cleaning, organizing, and packing, and I get to do it all with the help of my sister!  she was originally planning on driving down on Tuesday, but she realized that she can come and have adventures with me starting on Sunday evening instead.  watch out, Pittsburgh!