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(temporary) unemployment is wonderful!

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yesterday was my last day of summer employment (I worked full time for 2 months, and now I'm going to take 6 weeks to get my life in order and decide on my next big step).  this morning, I woke up without an alarm with a totally open day ahead of me.  I know a thing or two about having a really wonderful day, and I decided that today was going to be one of those. it started out with vegan carrot cake for breakfast.  I am trying to use up a lot of ingredients in my kitchen, and my roommate had been planning on making the Skinny Bitch recipe for a while.  alas, she didn't end up following through with her plan, so I made an adapted version (we didn't have enough of some things or the right still tastes pretty good).


I was doing 2 loads of laundry, but when I went to the basement to check on my clothes, everything was still soaking wet.  it seems that our dryer is 100% broken.  at least it waited until the end of our lease to give out.  so now I have all of my clothes spread out all over my apartment.  I wasn't joking when I said I had a lot of stripes...

I made sure to wear something cute when I went on my adventure.

hat - Urban Outfitters

tank - Target

belt - Gap

skirt - H&M

sandals - Bass 

I still have way too many shoes to pack.  you may not be able to see it in this picture, but I decided to give myself a colorblocked manicure.  I like this look but was afraid of it being too obvious.  I think that this orange and orange-red combination is an easy way to try out a less traditional look.

the rest of my day included a trip to Sephora (which I'll blog about later), a stop by my museum to drop something off, and one last visit to Phipps Conservatory.  I took a lot of pictures, and I'll save those for later in the week.

one of the best parts of my day was a free frozen yogurt at Razzy Fresh.  they have a frequent customer card that gives you one free frozen yogurt when you buy 9 others.  today was my lucky day, and I was really good at fulfilling my reward -- they will only give you 8 oz of free fro yo, and I got exactly that much!  I always thought that I was awful at eyeballing amounts, but I guess I was in top form today.