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on Sunday morning, I made one last trip to Sephora (we don't get the luxury of extensive beauty supply stores in Vermont).  I picked up a few replacements to add to my stash, but I also picked up a few new goodies that I'm pretty happy with.

  1. Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 - I've been using this stuff for years.  I notice a HUGE difference in my skin if I go without it.
  2. Benefit Erase Paste in Medium - I started using this stuff about 2 years ago, and I couldn't imagine going without it.  from dark spots to tired undereyes, this goes on well and covers it all.  while a pot of this costs $26, it lasts about 6 months.  I've realized that pricier cosmetics last longer and have better results than a lot of cheap drug store brands (although there are plenty of cheap Cover Girl products that I adore).
  3. Sephora Lavender Blotting Papers - I tend to get pretty shiny in the afternoon, and I've always just sucked it up and gone about my day feeling slightly self-conscious.  these papers work really well and small amazing.  I will definitely be keeping these by my side around the clock.
  4. Sephora Complexion Brush - I have had a big powder brush like this for the last 10 years, and the handle broke off a while ago.  I decided to forgo my slightly ghetto makeup tool and buy a new one.
  5. Sephora Brush Cleaning Wipes - I am really, really bad about remembering to clean my brushes until I notice that they really need it.  I'm hoping that by purchasing these, I'll clean them a lot more regularly and be nicer to my skin.