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an instagram 4th of July celebration

adventure, photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

my phone and I had quite the Independence Day, and these instagram shots are just a small glimpse into my holiday.

my sister and I actually missed our town's parade.  we decided to walk down (we live about a mile and a half from town but there are no sidewalks) and our beloved cat tried to follow us down the road for way too long.  we spent about 20 minutes trying to convince her to stay in our yard and not wander into traffic.  I don't think we missed too much, though.  usually there are several firetrucks, a few kids on their bikes, and maybe a miniature pony or llama or two.  typical small town stuff.

we did get to wander around our small village center and take in all that our little rural town has to offer.  I had forgotten how, ahem, diverse a small town can be.  I saw all kinds of clothing, hair, and parenting choices that I strongly disagreed with (a shirtless, mulleted man was drinking a beer with his kid thrown over his shoulder on elementary school property...yeah).  but that's small town living for ya.  we went to the town hall's book sale and I got some really cool retro cookbooks and interesting philosophy books for practically nothing.

when I was still in Pennsylvania, I stocked up on small scale fireworks so that we'd have something to enjoy on this glorious day.  we had sparklers, smoke bombs, flaming snakes, and a few other treats, but the flaming fountain in the first shot was definitely the best display by far.  as you can see, it was definitely worth $6.

our town is also kind of famous (locally, at least) for it's night fireworks show.  just before dusk, my family and I ventured back into town.  while the fireworks were really spectacular and very impressive for a town of 5,000 people, they were also a little too close for comfort.  for most of the 40 minute show, we were regularly showered with ash and flaming debris.  there was a definite element of fear thrown into the usual beauty and intense sound of a traditional show.

I also had a lot of fun with my DSLR today, so expect to see some nicer snapshots of my celebration soon!

happy birthday, America!